Vision + Mission








Our Vision Love others well  — Romans 12:9-13

Our Mission
We desire to create a supernatural community of believers that loves no matter what, that demonstrates the reality of the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God on earth.

As ambassadors of Heaven, we will walk in more than good words and principles.  We will cultivate relationships, heal the broken hearted, minister to the needy. We want to cultivate an atmosphere where people encounter God through experience and an awareness of His intense love for us through powerful praise and worship and teaching the truth of the Word of God. We want to provide an opportunity for everyone to see how He is still in the healing business, still performing miracles, signs and wonders. We want to lead people into freedom from all things that stand between them and an intimate relationship with God.

At Legacy Church, intentional servanthood is the basis of all missions, all benevolence, all evangelism, and all sacrifices.
We want The Church to be called great again because it is filled with the Holy Spirit, who is drawing mankind to Christ and is causing fruit to grow, gifts to manifest, and life to revive in the lives of believers.
We focus on teaching the Word of God to equip and enable the body of Christ to walk out Matthew 10:8, to mature in faith, to produce godly character, and to make the Name Of Jesus known in the earth.
We believe The Church will be called great because we fed the hungry, both physically and spiritually; we cared for widows, orphans and lost souls; we battled poverty with not only money, but with our hands and hearts.

We value freedom. We value honor. We value humility. We will pursue a kingdom culture where all are created equal, by GOD.